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Recent Postings

Helping Patients Improve Quickly

Aug 19

Written by:
8/19/2016 11:04 AM  RssIcon

I have always been a fan of instrumentation in assisting me to more easily correct a patient’s condition. I find it to be beneficial and non-traumatic to my patients. If done correctly, it has the same benefit of the hands on approach.


I recently injured my shoulder performing adjustments on some of my larger patients.  My colleagues who use SIGMA instrument-based spinal treatment technology helped me tremendously to understand the overall benefit for myself and my patients. I was blown away by how accurate and effective the adjustment can be. As a result of being helped more quickly and with no trauma to my own body, I decided to purchase the unit for my practice.


SIGMA instrument is precise, effective, and gentle. It is FDA cleared. This tool uses a computer-based piezoelectric instrument that utilizes an accelerated mass in the head of the instrument to gently percuss the tissue area being tested, giving me vital information about the motion dynamics and resonant frequency of the joint or tissue. The SIGMA instrument measures the stiffness of the tissue or joint by applying a light mechanical force in the form of an instantaneous shock wave and oscillating frequency. A signal is then sent to the computer for interpretation, all before the muscles can respond and lock up.


The SIGMA instrument technology is the same used by the aviation industry to test metal fatigue. I am now able to analyze joints with precision.


With this addition to my practice, I have the ability to better manage musculoskeletal conditions by increasing range of motion and eliminating fixation of spinal segments without the “cracking” that so many people have feared in the past. This takes that anxiety away.


The results have been amazing. Patients often prefer this method and progress quickly.


I have been able to incorporate this state of the art technology into my functional medicine visits, too. In addition to treating the spine I have found it beneficial for the following:

·         TMJ

·         Sinus issues

·         Carpel tunnel syndrome

·         Elbow pain

·         Shoulder pain

·         Sciatica

·         Subluxated thoracic rib head

·         Knee pain

·         Hamstring spasm

·         Plantar fasciitis

·         Ankle pain

·         Anxiety-depression

·         Respiratory issues including asthma

·         Constipation

·         Headaches


In my 30+years of practice, I see patients get well using a variety of modalities. Using my Functional Medicine skills addressing the underlying root cause of premature aging, patients respond in ways that are hard to find anywhere else. I use spinal decompression for cervical and lumbar disc issues. Combining the decompression with the SIGMA instrument adjusting technique; followed up by the state of the art Game Ready Cryotherapy and compression brings about a winning combination for increased patient positive results. This blend of therapies is unique to my practice.


For patients who are willing and able a Functional Medicine consultation in addition to the above can produce a 360 degree turn around to better and improved well-being. My mission is to add years to your life and life back to those years.




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