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Recent Postings

Detox for LIFE

Jun 23

Written by:
6/23/2015 9:59 AM  RssIcon

The following are several key principles:

·         Exposure to synthetic environmental toxins is widespread, increasing and lifelong.

·         The total body burden of these toxins can act synergistically to cause physiological dysfunction.

·         This dysfunction can lead to chronic illnesses in susceptible individuals.

·         Susceptibility is largely defined by an individual’s ability to bio transform, detoxify and eliminate exogenous (environmental) and endogenous (from within) toxins.

·         Lifestyle, diet and nutraceuticals can enhance detoxification, prevent disease and restore health.

I attended a symposium this past year in NYC and had the opportunity to hear Philip Landrigan, MD, M.Sc. speak. His statement stuck in my mind, “What typically will happen is smart chemists will develop a new product, see that it has useful properties, put it into consumer goods and the chemical then gets disseminated widely in the marketplace. Typically ten, fifteen or twenty years later, scientists begin to realize that this chemical is really quite toxic.”

Over long periods of time, small daily doses of multiple contaminants, such as persistent organic pollutants, heavy metals, pesticides/insecticides and our own metabolic waste,  have cumulative detrimental effects on physiological pathways that can eventually impair health and cause disease. Chemicals combine in our bodies, but are rarely tested that way. The combination of all these toxins is known as total toxic load. The exposome is combined exposures from all sources that reach our internal environment.

In my practice I help patients implement the detox core food plan. This will provide patients with specific instructions on how to choose a healthy distribution of diverse phyto-nutrients. Dietary intervention will optimize detoxification pathways in my patients that I suspect have toxicity and impaired detoxification. A high dietary intake of vegetables and fruits results in a reduced dietary net acid load (and improved alkalization) and indirectly improves the detoxification processes.

In combination with a colorful diet I often will add a medical food and several key nutraceuticals that are well researched to assist the body in eliminating harmful toxins. A high quality medical food will optimize bio transformation and the clearance of xenobiotics. You may wish to consider the following:

·         Metagenics Ultra Clear Renew®

·         Metagenics Clear Change™ Daily Essentials

·         Metagenics Clear Change™ 10 day Program

·         Dr. Banks Functional Solutions Microbiome Support

Go slow and ensure a safe, healthy detoxification program.

For more information on detox solutions, please visit www.spinelife.com .


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